Dept. of Business Administration

Admission Policy

   In the Department of Business Administration, we try to educate students to be business persons and people working in industrial fields, who have rich and cultivated personalities, can cooperate with people who may hold viewpoints different from theirs so as to solve problems which business administration of today faces or which our regional communities confront, and can contribute to the improvement of our regional communities.

   In order to achieve the goals mentioned above, we eagerly welcome students with aspirations and motivations described below:

(1) Students who, having enough understanding of educational contents taught in high schools, having tried hard in their club activities or having engaged eagerly in volunteer activities in their communities, are fully motivated to actively lead their student lives in our university with their goals in their minds.

(2) Students who are interested in business administration of today's corporations and situations now surrounding the local communities and can study of their own will and persistently make efforts so as to gain deeper understanding of such issues.

(3) Students who aim to master specialized knowledge and skills of business administration and its related disciplines so that, in the future, they will be able to take active parts in the fields of business and industry and in their communities.

Educational Principles of the Department of Business Administration

Curriculum Policy

(1) In order to develop rich and cultivated personality and ability to live harmoniously with others which are necessary for members of the society, students must take various subjects of liberal arts in their first year. Besides, subjects related to above-mentioned subjects are included among major subjects which they take in their second and third years so that, by continuous learning of correlated subjects, they can acquire intelligence enabling them to think actively.

(2) Major subjects necessary for the students' taking active parts in the fields of business and industry in the future are many and various. These major subjects are systematized under the categories of special fields of study, considering relativity among the subjects and connection among basic subjects and high-leveled applied subjects. This enables students to pursue their study deeply according to their interests and concerns.

(3) Business persons and people working in industrial fields of today are required to have ability to find out and solve problems, ability to give presentations and ability to communicate well with others. So, practical subjects, seminars, fieldworks and researches for bachelor theses which can improve students' abilities mentioned above are fully recognized to be significant and students must pursue them diligently.

(1) Students must have completed various subjects of liberal arts and major subjects as the foundations of their rich and cultivated personalities.

(2) Students must have acquired specialized knowledge of business administration and its related disciplines necessary for working in the fields of business and industry.

(3) Students, having had enough understanding of tremendous influence of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) over today's society, must have acquired practical specialized knowledge and skills concerning business administration and information science which can be utilized for managements of corporations and activities in the local communities.

(4) Today's economy has become global and its change is abrupt, therefore it is getting more and more uncertain. Students must have acquired ability to adjust themselves to this situation and find out and solve problems and ability to communicate well with others and work in cooperation with them in solving problems.

Diploma Policy


- Dean of Faculty of Business Administration -

Professor Hajime Tsuboi

- Head of Department of Business Administration -

Professor Takashi Murakoso

- Academic Staff -

Professor Sanki Tanaka

Professor Kazuo Kawakubo

Professor Masayasu Fukui

Professor Nobuko Ichinose

Professor Shinji Sato

Professor Zenko Shibata

Lecturer Makoto Ozaki

Lecturer Ryouhei Honda

Lecturer Eunji Seo

Lecturer Ryota Asahi

Research Associate Mitsuhiro Hosokawa

Research Assistant Yukie Okuda

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